Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Information Architecture and the pain of getting used to things

We're experiencing pain now.

We knew this was going to be difficult because we've grouped the information in a completely different way to the old Intranet and are trying to change the old way of viewing the company. It's taking some getting used to.

On the one hand people are not aware that the content has been updated, don't feel the need to look so are barely using the Intranet. This means a lot of people don't know where to find things.

We plan to hold presentations to show people where things are on the Intranet. We did want to leave it for a while to allow people to get used to it but now we really need to make sure people are aware of what's there. We're also demonstrating the Intranet in induction sessions - until the Induction Sessions themselves are incorporated into the Intranet.

On the other hand people are seeing the benefit and potential and there's a very long, continuously growing queue of things to be added.

We're actually swamped by the amount of content. We're finding that we can't hand the items over to the departments who own them to publish without collaborating on what is presented and how. The content has never been prepared for publication on the web so it's mainly in print format and needs serious attention for it to be useful to people - and sometimes even for it to be publishable at all.

We're seeing the need for someone to work on content development full time because there's just so much involved with it...