Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A new "new Intranet" So what did we do?

We added another level to the hierarchy.

We had:

  • The Company
  • Forms
  • Health and Safety
  • Using resources
  • Working at ##
  • Arranging work
  • Status reports

Now we have:

  • Business Activities
    • Resources
    • Quality
    • Projects
    • Customer
    • Products
    • Schedules
    • Financial
    • Pre-Sales
    • Timesheets
  • Staff Handbook
    • Intro to ##
    • Personal Admin
    • Personal Development
    • Health and Safety
    • Benefits
    • Social
The Staff Handbook section is pretty much finished, the Business Activities section is where the work is. This is probably going to change quite a bit over the next year. Especially as most of it provides a way to access info which is in the new MIS system, or to post info to it.

For example we are just about to deliver online project time recording and are planning online expense claim processing and there's a lot more work to come.

Good things are that the cultural change is really noticeable. We've gone from people not regarding an Intranet as a useful tool to people actively regarding it as an information sharing point (after a social event, someone was heard to say "Well that's going on the Intranet").

That covers one (large) user group, the next user group is senior management.

The new structure has a new design too, I'll put up a screen shot to show the new appearance.


Blogger Stu said...

I think it's great that you have a social section - this is a great way to encourage staff involvement and also get staff to know each other a little more!

10:55 PM  

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