Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Critical point!

OK we've launched it. We've finished phase 1. What about phase 2?

We're creeping into it and we're in danger of losing people's interest.

Sometimes work happens and you can't do anything about it.

But we're now at a critical point - get the stuff on there that people need before they get dissatisfied and discouraged from using it!

We want the Intranet to be the central point to access Company info so we need to get ALL the stuff we can on there as soon as we can (without just chucking it in anywhere of course).

There are some people who are really, really enthusiastic about getting things up on the Intranet, using it, seeing its potential. But these are people who will publish to it so will have a different experience of it. They're only one measure of success.

The main success measure needs to come from the people who are using it to get information (not publishing to it). And we're at a point where we can easily lose their support.

So, what to do?

The quick plan is:
  • Transfer content from the old site as soon as possible
  • Hold sessions presenting the Intranet to people - as the structure is new and entirely different from the old Intranet
  • Give people who want to publish a means to update their content themselves
  • Talk to people, ask them what their experience is of using it etc
There will be a more detailed and structured plan but we need to do something quickly right now!


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