Friday, May 05, 2006


There's been some discussion in various areas recently about names to call the Intranet. That's brand names not rude names... ;o)

I thought I'd make a note here of why we haven't given ours a name because I don't think I have....

We did discuss this and decided against a brand name because:
  • We would have like to choose one by running a competition - there wasn't time!
  • The old Intranet had been named by running a competition and ended up with a name that the majority of people hated.
  • The old newsletter had been named by running a competition - the 'non-process' that surrounded this publication was something everyone hated.
So, to avoid being associated with the old things and because there wasn't time we decided not to run a competition at that time.

That was with regard to the old Intranet and news.

What about the new Intranet?

The new one is radically different to the old one and we knew it would take people a long time to get the old one out of their heads so establishing a brand name for something which had no identity yet was going to be very difficult, if not impossible.

So that's why it's currently just called 'the Intranet'.


Blogger Stu said...

One of my clients used D.A.V.E - Digital Assistant for Virtually Everyone!!

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