Thursday, January 12, 2006

Deadline January 27

I know it's the 12th and I'm just making a note of this but it's been busy and Christmas.

Deadline set for the launch is 27 January. The launch will include the following sections
  • Integrated news on the home page
  • 'Working at ##'
  • Health and Safety
  • PR System (which is running but has a different appearance)
  • Staff Directory (which is new to the company - currently there is only a PDF of phone numbers which is updated frequently from a report)
  • A 'Forms' section
  • A book library (this is just a list of all the books the company owns to consult before buying a copy etc)
  • A sitemap
  • A search facility (which will search the public website as well)
The remaining sections which will be added as content is prepared are:
  • The Company
  • Using Resources
  • Arranging Work
Anything which is important and located in those sections will be presented in an unstyled manner temporarily.

There's a lot to do !


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