Friday, January 13, 2006

The Content! The Content!

Is the most important bit!

Reviewing content now and there's still a lot of stuff to do on it.... making sure it reads properly from the screen (and properly full stop).

Throughout the content preparation we've added a lot of explanatory stuff for our benefit that sounds strange when you just visit the page.

For instance as a poor unsuspecting person who needs to read the procedure for booking click the relevant links (2 of them)and get to the annual leave page:

"Appropriate title: Arranging Leave

In this section you will find the instructions for booking leave. To book annual leave follow the instructions given below."

Well, thank goodness for that! No mistaking what you might find there then! So there's a bit of tidying up to do...

There are some serious changes as well, as all of the information (well almost all) came from the printed staff handbook it has already been reviewed and changed to fit online delivery so sometimes things don't make sense...

Also making sure that the format for setting out the content when it links to lower levels is the same on each the format is:


Procedure broken into paragraphs


paragraph introducing further information on separate pages followed by a list of links to further information



Paragraph - link to further information
Paragraph - link to further information
Paragraph - link to further information etc..

Standardising formatting and appearance and checking links and well, generally making sure it all looks OK, makes sense and reads well.


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