Thursday, December 15, 2005

Progress - almost, sort of!

The pages are built, templates are created. We've had people come to help us pasting in content and linking pages together, the 1st section of the site is really taking shape.


OK - I mean 'but' - we have problems.

The problems are with Macromedia Contribute.

When creating pages based on a certain template the paths in relative links to the stylesheets and the scripts are not updated. So the path remains the same as it is in the template and the links don't work because the new page is saved in a different location to the template. Interesting - Macromedia Support are looking into it at the moment!

It also seems to crash unexpectedly for no apparent reason. (Network problems also caused some of the crashes).

We also witnessed some very strange behaviour - caused by us doing something wrong which triggered the most bizarre situation.

Linking some text to a page on the website by highlighting the text, right clicking and selecting 'insert link'. OK fine, insert link dialogue box appears with the default selection of 'drafts and recent pages'. The page to link to isn't in the list so you go to 'browse to page on website'. You know that you haven't linked to the page yet so you can't browse to it. So then you go to 'link to a file on my computer' browse through the webserver (which you have mapped as a drive) find the file and publish.

Oops! You are not supposed to do this. You're supposed to select 'choose' an option which shows up underneath 'browse to a page on your website' and get a dialogue box with the website folder structure to browse through. OK, we know we did the wrong thing.

However, if you do make this mistake you can't get out of it!

You are prompted with the question (in similar words) 'this file already exists, do you want to either overwrite your copy or save a copy with a similar name'. And it does this with a number of files - like the site stylesheets and images etc. which is very confusing and each time you have to select an option. So to be cautious you select - 'save a copy'. Then it goes on to publish the files and takes ages. You're now thinking 'why would 3 pages take so long to publish?'

Well, it's because it's publishing a copy of all the pages on the website inside the folder you're working in. And it changes the links from documents higher up to point to the copies created!

OK, a stupid situation caused by a mistake, fine. But now there's a whole load of mess to clean up and all for the want of a cancel button!

(The situation has been reported to Macromedia and they are going to make a note of it for the next release).


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