Friday, September 02, 2005

The words are evading me

We still don't have titles for the major categories but things are feeling a bit better.

The items that were in the categories were still a bit mixed up and they are more logical now after testing. The testing was difficult with the category names we had but comments during the tests helped us to refine the names along with the category contents.

We seem to have gone through a cycle:
  • The names are wrong and the contents are mixed up
  • The some content gets moved which refines the name
  • There are still bits of content in the wrong places and the names need to be clarified to help sort the content.
So, the category naming is informing the content that should be in there and the content sorting is informing the category names.

It's a tangled situation and a painful process.

So now we plan to spend time thinking about our category names so we can try and make it clearer what should be in the category so we can sort the content a bit more effectively.

One of the major problems is that the bulk of info is staff handbook stuff - policies and procedures and they are being spread across categories because the Intranet will be the staff handbook when it's made.

Staff here are used to these all being under one heading so that's what they expect. When they see them in more than one location they get confused.

So part of our test results are due to content being in the wrong places and things having the wrong names. Another part is that we are trying to change the way people view this information.


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