Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why not do another card sort?

As you can see from the last post we were dealing with some very confused content.

So why not do another card sort?

Well, we could do another card sort on the contents of the Staff Handbook which were not included in the 1st one. But we aren't going to. For these good reasons:

  1. The company has a deeply ingrained habit of organising things departmentally.
  2. The content of the handbook needs work to split the policies into policy and procedure.
  3. We don't have time.
The departmental habit

I think it would be very confusing to present staff with the handbook content and ask them to sort it in a non-departmental way.

In the earlier card sort we deliberately left out content that was departmental and only included the things that ought to be centrally managed.

The result of the card sorts (with a cross section of staff representing each department) was a departmental organisation of the content.

Part of our aim in our re-organisation is re-education. Some people already get it and some will need more help and more time.

The content needs work

The staff handbook is currently a bit confusing. Some of the policies contain a mixture of procedure and policy. Some of them are purely policy or procedure. Overall they are not clearly formatted to show what you must do and why you must do it (or what must happen and why).

It would not be helpful to present confused material to people and ask them to sort it out into related groups. Before we can do this we need to review the handbook content, decide what we are splitting up and put these entries into our new hierarchy (as I described in some way in the last post, this is what we are doing now).

We don't have time

As I said earlier we had a break in this project to work on something else. We've involved people, we've got enthusiasm and participation. We have to deliver something this year whilst these things are still current. The Intranet re-development was started before and work was diverted to other things and then re-development didn't happen - we can't afford to let this happen again.


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