Friday, September 02, 2005

Change is good

The current Intranet (which I've described before) is departmentally organised. The effect of this is that people have to know who is responsible for something before they can find information on it.

The added complication is that nothing is managed centrally so things occur in department areas which don't belong there at all.

With the new Intranet we want to change this because a departmentally structuredIntranet is not helpful to anyone and because the habit of viewing everything in the company departmentally is not helpful.

It is a major aim throughout the company at the moment, to stop people thinking departmentally.

Because it is such a deeply ingrained habit our new Intranet structure is going to meet resistance and cause some discomfort.

This means we have to be extra careful in our testing because, as I said in the previous post, some of the results are negative (meaning someone didn't find an item) because they were looking for that departmental organisation. For instance they looked for a category labeled 'HR' or 'IT support'.

We could get it completely wrong. We may be thinking that people failed to find an item because they are not used to a non-departmental structure, but it could actually be in the wrong place.


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