Monday, August 22, 2005

Return and uncertainty #2

After returning to the project following an almost 3 month break we needed to re-assess what we would do with the newsletter.

A major change has been caused by the editor leaving to go to a new job and the replacement editor withdrawing their acceptance of the job. Myself, my manager and the Marketing manager have produced the last 2 editions of the newsletter (including the changes mentioned already).

This has given us the opportunity to think about our original intentions.

Our original plan was to have a writer and editor in each department who would produce that department's stories and send them to the editor-in-chief who would publish them on the Intranet home page.

The intention is still to integrate the newsletter and the Intranet but the manner of implementation has changed.

We now plan to form a group of people who can look for things to report and either inform the 'editorial group' (currently me, my manager and the Marketing manager) that a story is available.

The wider group can also generate the story, either by interviewing the person/people who will be involved in the event or by asking the participant(s) to write a report on it. All the editing will be done centrally and not in the department. There will still be a two-way review.

We also plan to start implementing this by applying the process without any automation software.

We have asked certain people to join the 'story gathering group' and identified events to write about for the next newsletter edition. The Marketing manager will advise the department heads that we are going to approach people to write stories and then we will do just that.

There will be support for the people asked to write and if they really don't want to write at all we will interview them to get the story.

The publication of an 'edition' will be gradually phased out and the newsletter and Intranet will be integrated by December.


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