Monday, August 22, 2005

Results: Intranet Survey

Looking at the out of date content and the poor usability of the site it would have been logical to guess that no-one used the Intranet at all. However we couldn’t guess, we did an online survey to see how often the Intranet was used.

We had over 50% response rate and of this 50% approximately half said they used the Intranet daily and half weekly.

We couldn’t remove the current Intranet as those people who were using it daily had come to rely on it.

People’s comments requested referred to:

  • The difficulty finding information (you could usually only get something if you already knew where it was).
  • Inconsistent style.
  • Out of date information.
We asked people what they would like on the Intranet and the most popular request was for a staff directory containing photographs. The next popular was a search facility.


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