Monday, August 22, 2005

Results: Information Needs Analysis

Before testing the hierarchy to see if people would be able to find anything we wanted to check what sort of things people might look for. We also wanted to check that the list of content still reflected people’s needs.

This took the form of an interview on what people did. I did ask what they would like on the Intranet as a final question but not as the main focus.

This followed the recommendation in the Step Two paper regarding stakeholder interviews ( The people in the focus groups were surveyed and the senior managers.

We found that the information we had in the list was still relevant but that a lot of it was duplicated by the information in the Staff Handbook.

The staff handbook had not been available on the Intranet, it was a series of polices printed and handed out to staff in a folder when they started. Because of this it hadn’t featured in the card sorting exercise. Some of the policies were listed on the Intranet but not the majority of the handbook.


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